Thursday, May 5, 2011

Post-deadline Prep

Just wanted to chime in with a nagging note to remind you to plan your post-deadline itinerary before 8 pm. I am going to commit to PDPA-Session I and not try to hop around the standing-room only crowd. I am particularly interested in the supercontinuum generation and frequency-comb work in this session, some of which is pushing into the mid-ir where there are interesting chemicals to identify for spectroscopy and stand-off detection. Other broadband generation in this session has been performed with small waveguides or micro-resonantors- little pocket combs on silicon (see the April 20, post for more details). I will be disappointed to miss the new Applications and Technology Session, particularly the biomedical work. These groups by far always have the coolest pictures, images, and videos. If you can make it to these talks, the first four of PDPB-Session II, be prepared to be blown away by beautiful videos and images that address improving image acquisition rate, penetration depth, and resolution (again, see the April 20, post for more details). Very likely, these state-of-the-art techniques may be used on you in your lifetime. You can tell your doctor, "I saw this work at CLEO 2011 before you even graduated from med school."

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